My new camera.

Though I continue to use my iPhone for documentation, I thought that I would try to graduate to a real camera this year.

For the first month, I was too nervous to use it!  I tried to put myself in our students' shoes when they are invited to learn something new.  I began to explore, tinker, and play around with the camera settings and lenses.  I was scared, a little intimidated, but extremely curious!

Here are some of the photographs that I have captured since…

I hope that these photos celebrate our everyday learning moments!  

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  1. What beautiful pictures Ms. Babalis! Each picture captures the pure essence of a child's curiosity and their eagerness to explore new surroundings. Flavia (MF)

  2. Wow! The pictures come out so clear and beautiful.

  3. What model/ lenses did you start with?

  4. I am on leave this year and looking at these pictures takes me back to the classroom…thanks for posting! What kind of camera is it? Ive been considering getting a new one.

  5. Thanks Joanne for posting your experience with photography. It can become a mode of learning to the kids while watching the photographs. Good luck for your graduating the camera technique and using it effectively in teaching.