A letter to our blog followers...

M.Y.'s visual representation of the roses that M.F. brought to school.

Hello Blog Followers,

I wanted to write you this letter to share how appreciative I am that you are visiting the blog.  For those of you who have been following along via email, you may have probably noticed that I am not blogging as frequently as I used to.  This year has been a busier than expected one for me!  I have devoted a lot of time to my classroom, instructing the Kindergarten AQ course for York University, taking my own online courses, and to the planning of my upcoming wedding.  For this reason, I have not been updating the "Friday On Display Features" each week.  This does not mean that they are over, but rather that I will aim to post an "On Display" feature monthly rather than every Friday.

If you are interested in having your work featured (classroom transformation photos, inquiry work, documentation, etc.) or have resources that might inspire other educators around the world please don't hesitate to email me at joannemariebabalis@gmail.com.  I would be so honoured to share your work on the blog!

Thank you for understanding these changes.


Joanne Marie Babalis

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