The Acorn School

Round Table Discussion with Lella Gandini

at The Acorn School in Richmond Hill

Thank you to Rosalba Bortolotti and her staff from The Acorn School for including me in their special round table discussion with Lella Gandini.  This was a unique learning opportunity that united educators and re-inspired them to continue providing quality programming for young children.

During our discussion with Lella, we touched upon the topics of documentation, inquiry, parental involvement, and literacy.  I was pleased to have one of my burning questions about inquiry answered.  As I delve deeper into inquiry, I often find myself wondering how do you know when an inquiry is over? What should you do when your inquiry team begins to loose interest and choose another inquiry offered within the classroom?  According to Lella, inquiry is a continuous cycle and we should not be afraid to take a pause during an inquiry.  "If you try to extend too much, it may spoil."  Instead, stop and put it on the back burner, as something to be re-ignited at a later time.  The documentation can be saved and used as a future starting point.

Listening to Lella reminded me of being in Reggio Emilia Italy.  I found my fingers shaking, as I tried to desperately absorb and write all that she had to offer.

Thank you again to The Acorn School and to Lella Gandini.

Please find a few photos from our time together:

                 Treats prepared by the parents.               A gift from the children.

 The Acorn School staff with Lella Gandini.

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