Family Fridays

Every Friday in our classroom is known as "Family Friday!"  On this day we welcome parents to drop in for ten minutes, an hour, or entire morning/day depending on what is possible with their schedule and existing commitments.  The students love having their parents visit, and meeting their friends' parents.  During a class visit, parents can either observe the class, read one-on-one with children, assist with a learning activity, work with an inquiry group, read a story to the class, or spend time with their child looking through their documentation and portfolio books.

This Friday we were happy to have two families visit us.  One family brought in their newborn baby.  The students really enjoyed sketching the baby at the creative crafts learning area.

Thank you to all the families who continue to make "Family Fridays" a success in our classroom!

I would also like to take the time to thank another family member for coming in during this school week to share with us her role in the community.  The students absolutely loved hearing all about the vet, tips with how to interact with pets, and seeing real pet x-rays.

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