Colour Provocations

Food colouring is a great
 provocation and can be added to
water, plants, foods, and shaving
cream for engaging colour experiments!


               There are many books to read             Ms. Kerr and students experimented
                about colours.                                      with water and food colouring. 
                                                                             They added the water to coffee filters
                                                                             and she documented student responses.

              Students explored the colours in           Students investigated food colouring
              foods and worked on their                    when mixed in the water of flowers.
              observational drawing skills.

Mrs. Ham and I decided to provoke
our students with the primary colours
of paint mixed with a little bit of water,
china dishes, and toothpicks.

Then we had the students make predictions about what might happen when
the colours are mixed together.  Ms. Babalis was so impressed at the drawing,
writing, and oral communication from the JK's who participated that day.


Ms. Kerr photographed the experience to make visible the learning that
was occurring during this colour experiment.  I was documenting as well!

After all the colours were mixed together, it created a shade of purple.
The students then got their hands into the paint and stamped their results
onto newsprint paper.  They really enjoyed this sensory experience!

How have you used food colouring as provocations for colour experiments?

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  1. Hello Ms. Babalis,

    I am excited to see a post on the Colour Inquiry! I hope the children are still curious and exploring each day.

    Ms. Kerr

  2. Hi Ms. Kerr,

    Yes it continues to be a topic of interest and curiosity for them!

    I have started planning our next steps on a new Pinterest Board I created. Feel free to follow it!

    Hope to see you in for a visit soon,

    Ms. Babalis

  3. One special activity that is always a hit in my room are little dixie cups with Cool Whip. The students drop in red and yellow food coloring and mix it up to see what happens. Sometimes learning about colours can be tasty too!

    Connie (Mrs. Lowe)

    1. Hi Connie,

      I love that idea! Someone on Twitter also mentioned using whisks to blend the food colouring with dish soap.

      Can't wait to go back and try some new colour experiments!

      I hope that you are enjoying your break,