How to get started with your own Dot Project

I had a request for the lesson plans of our Dot Project.  I decided to share the documentation we created back in the Fall as a guide.  It has the curriculum links and what we accomplished throughout the project.

Hope that this answers your question!

Please feel free to leave us a comment, and share with us the direction that your Dot Project took... 

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  1. I love the way that you have embedded your learning objective within the context of your text Joanne. The links become so much more obvious for parents this way. When you put these pieces in portfolios, do you add individualised photos/work samples for each child or does everyone receive the same?

    I think that you are doing a fabulous job, thank you for taking the time to share and inspire...I always make myself a cup of coffee before popping by your blog :) :)

    1. Hi Bianca,

      Yes both Julie and I wanted our documentation write-ups or at-at-glance inquiry pages for our documentation portfolios to be easily understood by parents, administrators, and visitors. When these write-ups are inserted into our portfolios they are only added to the students' portfolios who participated in that particular inquiry or project. We are trying to teach our families to read the documentation for the learning rather than solely what their child may have said or their child's photo. The reason for this, is that it's the learning that really matters that they've been engaged and exposed to. We also use other organizers that document unique learning moments for each child to include. This example of the "Dot Project" would also be included within the class binder that documents the entire project. We have encouraged families to use them as an entry into our work (when they see their child's documentation portfolio), to ask us questions, and then browse the entire project or inquiry binder for more of the details.

      Thank you Bianca!

      I'm so happy to read that you stop by with your cup of coffee!! I was hopeful that it would be an inviting and inspiring experience to curl up to/enjoy...

      Such nice feedback that warms my heart as I continue to write and meet my research deadlines,