Rabbit Road

Rabbit Road: 
The Journey through our Pet Rabbit Inquiry

Here is a glimpse of our version of an audit trail for our Pet Rabbit Inquiry.  This audit trail is a great way to document the process of our thinking and learning, as it unravels.

We encourage parents to stop by and see this new display!

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  1. I love your "road" to discovery. Looks like the kids are learning a lot about the rabbit. Just wondering - how do you keep this display up in the hallway? I see more creative works the students have completed on the floor.

  2. Hi Kim,

    This display board is located within our classroom near our Pet Rabbit's cage.

  3. What an awesome visual anyone could use with any age group.

    1. Thanks Royan!

      Yes it certainly values the journey rather than the final destination.

  4. Lovely and very creative way to show the path to rabbit inquiry.