Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day 
to all of the amazing Dads out there!

Thank you especially to my own, for continuing to support and encourage the work that I do each day.  I wouldn't be who I am without you!

Here is a window into what we created for Father's Day:

During our Open House Event last week, both Julie and I had created a provocation for our visitors.  This invitation for learning (photographed below) included the opportunity to engage with and explore acrylic paint, paired with pieces of wood or stones.  

When the students arrived on Monday morning, they too were quite intrigued and quickly began exploring with the various mediums.  You will notice that the plant was substituted for the fresh flowers brought from two Open House guests: Ellen Brown and Lindsay Keith (Thank you!).  That's when, Julie had the most creative idea...  She suggested that we use this as our Father's Day gift.  Each student then painted on a piece of wood, and we added a paperclip in the centre to create a business card/important reminders/to-do list holder. 

Thank you to Alexandra Vergis for volunteering at our Open House Event and encouraging educators to experience this provocation on that night.  Thank you also to Ashley Hibberd and T.M.'s mom for supporting our students with their Father's Day gifts!

How did you celebrate Father's Day in your classroom?  Please consider sharing your ideas in the comment section below to inspire educators for next year...

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  1. Hi Joanne
    I loved this provocation and wish I had taken time that evening to paint. What a cool idea to add the paper clip and message to dad. I am wondering where you get all of your wood pieces? I was at my cottage and had the inspiration to collect some wood for this purpose but everything was sooo wet that I gave up. Think I need to remember to incorporate drying time in my future plans!
    We created a Superhero message to dad @ teamjelleybean.blogspot.ca
    using large tongue depressors accordion pleated together. They were quite effective, although students had some trouble showing details when they were painting them I think due to the smaller scale of the person (even though they showed great detail drawing with pencil and with Sharpie markers first) .
    Heather (Team Jelleybean)

  2. We made a spice blend for dads to use as a BBQ rub. The children were highly engaged in the sensory pleasures of the spices, and used a lot of vocabulary to describe their observations. It was also interesting to see who could sequence the steps and who could measure accurately! Here's a link:

  3. Hi Joanne,
    Love your idea (as always) - and the little paper clip note attachment is very unique.
    We were inspired by Angie Harrison and her Mothers Day idea of recording a special message using Explain Everything. We took a risk and tried it out and it was a true hit! Students really enjoyed speaking about their dad, why he's special to them and what they love doing together.

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