Great video clip about creativity

My principal, Kim Smith, shared this wonderful video clip with me entitled: "Creativity requires TIME."

I love everything about this YouTube clip and it certainly reaffirmed many of my beliefs about providing our students with ample time to think and be creative.  

Here is a quote that resonated with me after I viewed the video: "creativity is not inspired by the pressure of time, but by the freedom, the playfulness, and the fun!" 

I hope that you enjoyed it!  I know I did! :) 

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  1. Everything in this video is so true. What a clever little experiment to show us how important it is to give children uninterrupted think/work/play time. Thanks for sharing, I'll be tweeting this!

  2. What a great clip! This is what K is all about. I love how we can put things up on our writing wall and pull them back down later to keep working on the thought. Also with uninterupted periods of time for drawing and writing my kiddos have created a cool Ninja Book in order to inform me about this toy. I also have several JKs drawing detailed pictures with real stories, nt just the one sentence I used to ask for when I used to be pressured by time to get to the next bin activity.
    Loving our new world of K. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely repost.

  3. Lovely!
    It comes at a time when I ponder how my program will change when our school is finally FDK, in two years. Time... a precious commodity that's entirely necessary for building relationships with students.
    I also saw this posted yesterday by Sir Ken Robinson:
    Both on one day - very welcome message. Thank you for sharing.