"My Self-Portrait" by M.Y.

M.Y.’s Self-Portrait Interview:

What made you decide to draw a self-portrait of yourself?

M.Y.: I was looking at the mirror and I wanted to draw my whole face.  Ms. Babalis got me all of the materials.  We set up a table to work on.

Talk to me about your experience making a self-portrait.

M.Y.: It was a good experience, because I like drawing.  First I used pencil to make a plan on white paper.  Then I used pencil on black paper.  I used a hot glue gun with Ms. Babalis to add glue to my picture.  Then I used chalk pastel and special Crayola crayons. Maddy went to get the crayons from the table.  They are Crayola Metallic crayons.  When my picture was done I put it in a frame on my cubby.  I was happy, because I took my time and it looked pretty!

Draft 1

Draft 2

Draft 3

Draft 4

This version of the self-portrait was inspired by a 
Grade 1 teacher in our school, Mrs. Nadine Dempsey.

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