The Halloween Experiment

We hope that you had a 
Happy Halloween with your families!

A.A.: This is our class on Halloween and our Halloween picture. Do you like our costumes?  

A.A.: On Halloween, M.G. brought some Halloween capsules to school, so we used them for an experiment.

A.A.: We picked lots of different jars with lots of sizes.

H.W.: We wrote labels for all the jars.

E.W.: We made a list for the Halloween experiment.

D.J. was a curious cat!

D.J.: I like science experiments.  I like to do every kind of experiment, because I am curious.

Ms. Babalis: Why were you blowing on the cat capsule?

E.W.: Because the water was too hot and the wind wanted to blow it down and the cat will go away.  Far away!

H.W.: Because I wanted it to get bigger and bigger and bigger! 

H.W.: All three boys were blowing on it, because they wanted to get it the size of the jar!

H.W.: Ms. Babalis was writing what I said.  I like when she does that, because it is so cool.  Because Ms. Babalis cares what I say.

A.A.: This is me explaining the Halloween experiment on a YouTube video.  I am an actress and I went to L.A.  That is Hollywood where all of the stars on the red carpet live.  My sister was on the red carpet.  My sister is an actress too.  Her movie is called The Best Man Holidays. I hope you enjoy my movie! Thank you for watching!

Hope that your day was 
as SPOOKTACULAR as ours!

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