On Display: A Wider View

Last year I was invited to participate in a most intriguing online learning opportunity entitled the "We can see" project.  This project was initiated by a colleague of mine from the York Region District School Board named Angela Harrison.

Our goal was to connect our kindergarten classrooms online via the blogsphere, twitterverse, and beyond.

We wondered about the following questions that aligned with our Full-Day Early Learning-Kindergarten program document:

How might we learn about our own community?

How can we be connected to other students and learn about their school communities from around the city, province, country, and the world?

Every class that joined in on this virtual adventure shared what they could see from their own contexts.  

Take a look at the article that features this journey in the December issue of Professionally Speaking (page 47).  

Thank you to Angela Harrison for thinking of this project and including our class in it!  We learned so much and were very honoured to be featured alongside her and our other colleague Jocelyn Schmidt within this article.

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