On Display: 2013 will be a year that I will never forget!

I wanted to end off this year with an "On Display" post that highlighted my top ten moments!  2013 was an unforgettable year and I thank all of you who have either contributed to or followed along my journey!  

1. The completion of my Master of Education and Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood Education from York University.


2. The marriage proposal that my fiancé planned to take place in our Kindergarten classroom with the help of our students.

3. Instructing the Kindergarten Additional Qualification and Certificate courses for York University.

4. Being included in the Professionally Speaking Magazine.

Dubowsky, S. (2013). A wider view: Kindergarten teachers use blogs, Skype, and Twitter to connect students across the province and beyond. Professionally Speaking the Magazine of the Ontario College of Teachers, p. 47. Retrieved from http://professionallyspeaking.oct.ca/december_2013

5. Having over 170 educators from across the province visit our Open House event.

6. Creating from the ground up a network with educators from Ontario and beyond entitled, CTInquiry - Connected through inquiry: A curious community of learners.  We meet monthly face-to-face and online via Twitterchat.

7. The Bond Lake P.S. outdoor kindergarten yard transformation into our Natural Learning Environment.

8. Starting my own company entitled, TransformEd Consulting Services and continuing to present at a variety of conferences.

9. Visiting New York City with my fiancé over the summer and returning during Christmas to take our engagement photographs in the New York Public Library!

10. The continued success of the blog and the recent articles written by York University. Thank you again for following and supporting our work!

York University (2013). Recent grad's blog gets close to 500, 000 views. yFile York University's Daily News.  Retrieved from http://yfile.news.yorku.ca/2013/09/24/recent-grads-blog-gets-close-to

York University (2013). Recent grad's blog engages readers in early education as it closes in on half a million views. York Alumni News. Retrieved from http://alumni.news.yorku.ca/2013/11/06/recent-grad-using-social-media-to-transform-classroom-into-a-space-of-possibilities/

York University (2013). Student blog gets close to half a million world wide-views. Faculty of Education Website.  Retrieved from http://edu.yorku.ca/2013/09/student-blog-gets-close-to-a-half-million-world-

I am not sure how next year will be able to compete! Feeling blessed, thankful, and in many ways still pinching myself... Happy New Year everyone! :)

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