Back to school style (Part 2)

As promised, this week is about special giveaways, discounts for educators, and some fun fashion posts.  Did you know that Fall is a huge month for fashion in major cities like New York and London?  I have been following several bloggers who were able to attend the shows and it looked like so much fun!

I really enjoy dressing up for special occasions, and even at school, however, it can become a challenge with the little ones!  I love how Maggy London and London Times dresses are comfortable, but also look stylish.

The second part of our photoshoot, occurred in two of my elementary schools.  After Grade 1 my parents registered me for the public board (TDSB) and I attended a school closer to where we lived called Beverly Glen for a year.  We later moved to a new home and I switched to Timberbank until Grade 6.

My personal story of education is filled with many changes, which I believe collectively helped me out a lot in adulthood.  I am always ready to meet new people and take on challenges or learning environments.

At Beverly Glen, as a Grade 2 student, I recall having a teacher (Mrs. Coombs) who believed in play.  Although we did learn about literacy and mathematics separately, she allowed us to play once we had accomplished our learning tasks.  I loved visiting our classroom grocery store, for example, where we could explore pretend money.  During recess times my friends and I always spent time under the huge evergreen trees (photographed below). This defiantly left an impression on me and began to foster my love of nature from a young age.  I had a hard time leaving this special school, especially since I got to know our principal Mr. Brown who I was fortunate to win a Pizza Hut lunch with.  My biggest worry was that the new school wouldn't have a song like Beverly Glen had.  How sweet is that?  It's funny to think back now and recall some of these memories.  We really don't know what impacts our students.  Even something as simple as forming a personal connection with leaders in the school or routines like a school song that built community each time we assembled together could make a different on their life.

Timberbank also turned out to be a memorable educational experience.  I lived in walking distance from the school, and could get there in under five minutes.  Grade 3 was the first year that I had a male teacher (Mr. Perry), and many of the students in the class actually lived on my street!  Together we enjoyed his rich read-alouds of Roald Dahl books.  I remember fondly those times, and truly believe that hearing James and the Giant Peach or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory encouraged me to become the reader that I am today.

Although I loved all of my years at this school, I remember Grade 5 fondly.  I was lucky enough to learn from an educator (Mrs. Ha) who had a passion for the arts.  Everything that she did was always done with so much care and beauty!  Our art time or the art club that she ran had to be some of my best moments in elementary school.  She impacted me so profoundly that I created my very own art room within the basement of our home. I pretended to teach my brother art techniques, had an attendance, chart paper stand, chalk board, art supplies - the works!  But what I remember most about her, was her soft spoken voice and calm nature.  I knew then at 10 years old that I too wanted to be a teacher in the future.  

In Grade 6 I volunteered in the kindergarten rooms a lot (with Mrs. Phillips).  We were encouraged to become leaders in the school, and I took this quite seriously!  I supported the office staff over lunches and helped the kindies at recess.  There was something about the early years that drew my attention.  Their Raffi music playing on the record player and pretend play areas always had me returning for more!  During that school year I also made the important decision to continue my French learning (inspired by Mrs. Ferrari) and took a test to apply for an extended French program at J.B. Tyrrell.

My elementary school years were positive and laid a strong foundation for my later life.  I look back now and appreciate all of the time and care that teachers took to offer extra curricular activities or special events such as play days.  I may not remember everything that they taught me in terms of curriculum content, but I will never forget how they made me feel.  

Here are some photos outside of Beverly Glen Public School:

Here are some photos outside of Timberbank Public School:

Thank you for reading my blog post.  I had a lot of fun revisiting my elementary schools and planning my outfits!

Outfit/photoshoot details:

Look 1: 

Dress - @Londontimesfashion Libby (T2146M)

Shoes (heels), piano necklace, and round gold earrings - @KateSpadeNY

Flat shoes - From Reggio Emilia Italy @Sergio_Boutique

Bracelet - A gift from Greece by my Nona (Godmother) 

Reading glasses - Ed Hardy from @lenscrafters  

Photographer - @loveoverlenses

Styling and details - @joannebabalis

Look 2:

Dress - @MaggyLondon June Pleated Skirt (G2627M) 

Great Gatsby Book Bag- @KateSpadeNY

Shoes - @Ted_baker

Ring - gift 

Necklace - @charmingcharlie

Colourful journal - @pantone

Pencil case and colours - @chaptersindigo

Photographer - @loveoverlenses

Styling and details - @joannebabalis

* * * * *

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Otherwise here are some additional pages that might be of interest to you:

Special thank you goes out to @loveoverlenses for her attention to detail in carefully and creatively capturing each image.  I loved her collaborative nature and willingness to travel back in time with me!  She now photographs other blogger-shoots if you are ever looking to team up contact her here.

Stay tuned for more fun back to school posts throughout this coming week and leading up to October!!!

They may forget 

what you said

but they will

never forget

how you made 

them feel.

                     -unknown author

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