Last day of summer. How are you spending it?

I can hardly believe that I am typing the words "goodbye summer" today.  Though I find beauty in all of the seasons, there is something so special about the warmer temperatures. Summer always brings happiness my way, as I enjoy the lighter clothing, outdoor activities, and fresh dishes.

Today, in honour of the last day of summer, I have compiled several photographs that I captured throughout mine.  You will find everything from salad recipes, fruit vase bouquets, backyard chalk explorations, and party planning ideas!

How are you spending your last day of summer?  This year I plan to let my summer mentality, cooking, and vibes live well into the colder months.  Who says that you cannot enjoy a good ice cream sundae or watermelon salad in January?

In any event, I had way more fun than anyone should getting creative in my kitchen this summer! I hope that some of these ideas inspire you and your family.

Pineapple vase bouquet and fruit salad:

Some flowers were purchased and many of them were wild flowers that I found during a morning walk at our local pond.

I also add some fresh juice from actual fruits like oranges, pineapples, and peaches by squeezing them into the fruit salad.  It works well with the ready made!

Watermelon themed lunch:

Deconstructed watermelon and feta salad: Watermelon cut into triangles or rectangles, arugula, feta, pine nuts, mint, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and honey.

Watermelon lemonade! 

Pasta salad: Grilled vegetables, bow tie pasta, pesto, tomatoes, olives, bocconcini, red onion and fresh basil.

Quinoa salad: Quinoa, red onions, corn, black beans, cranberries, red onions, avocados, and fresh parsley. 

Each guest got to make their own watermelon mason jar to take home! Fun DIY project!

I couldn't resist and had to try a little bit of everything that I put out! 

Some more fresh lunch options:

Arugula salad: Green apple, lemon juice, red onions, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, arugula, cucumbers, croutons and cranberries. 

Sidewalk chalk fun:

And just like that, the summer comes to its finale...

I will continue to dream about warmer days, but am also pretty excited to welcome Fall.  Stay tuned for some pumpkin patch fun with Baby S and his cousin Baby G very soon!!!





                                                                                       -Lilly Pulitzer

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