Sweetlegs giveaway!!!

Since this is my mini back-to-school fashion week, I had to share with you some of my comfy outfits too!!!  The moment that I get home from a busy day teaching, I immediately change into my Sweetlegs leggings!  They are so soft, and remain that way wash after wash!  I am seriously addicted to them and wore a pair (also have some in solid colours) almost every day of my pregnancy.  

What's even better is that they are made by a Canadian company from Kelowna, British Columbia!

Here are some photos of me wearing my Sweetlegs around the house:

Want to win your own pair of one size fits all leggings?

Here is how to enter:

1) Follow me @joannebabalis and @sweetlegs_ca on Instagram.
2) Leave a comment below with your name and email address sharing a special memory from your back to school!
3) Winner will be announced here within the comment section on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016.

Thank you also to @my_secret_photography for collaborating with me!  It was a fun photoshoot!

Find what makes you feel comfortable.

The confidence you wear your clothes in

is what's really going to shine.

                                                                                               -Hayley Hasselhoff

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  1. Hi Joanne! I have a class who loves to build. One day some of the students took a bunch of nails from a sorting table, found some tubes from a basket and hammered the nails into a stump. I loved their collaboration and creativity!

    Jody Bevaart. djbevaart@hotmail.com

  2. Back to school is so busy getting the children back into the routine and welcoming and making the new learners comfortable in their new space. During the first few days of school it was so refreshing and heart warming to see some.of the returning sks building and documenting their work, exploring our math invitations and documenting their learning and creating at the tinker table wanting their work photographed so they can write about it and out it in their portfolios. It was comforting and reassuring during this busy time of the school year.

    Natasha Cannavo nacannavo@gmail.com

  3. My favourite part of back to school is seeing how much my JKs from last year have grown and changed. They are always so proud of themselves, and eager to share what they remember from last year. I love watching them model their skills for the new JK students, and seeing how much growth and progress they have made since they started kindergarten the year before. It's my favourite part of teaching Kindergarten - seeing how my students grow and change before my eyes.

  4. Sweet legs and it's parties are one of the things I miss most about living in Canada. I too love changing into them after a day of teaching! As school gets underway, one of my favorite memories includes introducing a fun book that hooked my group of learners.....it became so special that one of my children with special rights used one of her longest sentences (ever) to ask me to read the story to the entire class. When following the child's lead and listening to them with my whole heart leads to significant milestones such as 10 word sentences for a child who typically uses one.....choosing a favorite back to school memory is easy!

  5. Nadia Bucci nadia.bucci.petkop@gmail.com

    Back to school was always a big deal in our house. With my mother being a teacher prearing to go back to school had a double meaning. First, for my sister and I it meant cutting out pictures from flyers of all the school supplies and clothes we wanted. We essentially made our back to school wish lists. Second was that my mom had to prepare her classroom and plan the week before school started. We were recruited as her helpers and we loved putting things up on her wall, helping her photocopy and organizing her class supplies. We thought it was cool and special that we were in the school before everyone else. Now, back to school is still exciting but now I'm the teacher and I can't wait until my son can come and help me set up.

  6. Julie Mills. Jmills@pvnccdsb.on.ca
    My favourite thing about back to school....I teach kindergarten in a JK/Sk split, so I have the children for 2 years in a row…..There is nothing like being mauled on the first day when the SKs come running up because they haven’t seen me all summer! I love it!

  7. Congrats to Nadia B! I loved how you would cut out pictures from flyers of school supplies. I used to do the same thing!!!

    It will be nice for your son to help you someday soon!

    Thanks to everyone for your participation!