Students' Thoughts about our Open-House

Monday, June 11, 2012

I asked the following question after I showed the students photo documentation of our visitors during the open-house event:

How did it make you feel to have visitors in our class looking at your work?

T.M.: It felt good, because the room was clean.

J.G.: Happy, because then they can see our work.  Our work is beautiful!

J.A.: I wonder why so many visitors were in the classroom.

N.Z.: I feel happy and surprised when visitors come, because I love when visitors come, and I was surprised, because I never thought so many visitors would come!

E.H.: I feel happy, because the visitors liked it!

R.J.: I feel happy, because they liked all of it!  All of the things in the classroom.

D.L.: I feel happy, because the visitors liked our work!  And it's because I work hard everyday.

T.A.: I feel happy, because they liked our classroom and it was really clean to see.  If it's dirty or something they won't like to come.

J.G.: I felt happy, because the visitors were all impressed.  We showed our personal best writing on the wall.

S.F.: Because we did our good personal best!

M.H.: I wonder why the visitors liked the writing on the wall.

C.H.: I wonder why they liked the snail playground.

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