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Thursday, October 25, 2012

"We Can See" Project:
Connecting our Classrooms Online
via the Blogsphere and Twitterverse

How Educators can get Involved:

This exciting project was inspired by an idea from Angie Harrison, a Kindergarten teacher for the York Region District School Board, Ontario, Canada.

As we continue to teach and learn alongside our students in the Full-Day Early Learning-Kindergarten Program we wonder...

How might we learn more about our own community?

How can we be connected with other students and learn about their school communities from around the city, province, country, and the world?

Come and join us on this virtual adventure where we can share what "we can see" within our own contexts.  

If you want to share and post online, please contact me and I can provide the login information or post for you.  It would be wonderful if each school participating could label their posts with their school names and location.  This way we could keep the blog organized under the "Participating Schools and Post Categories" section.

We would love to have more of you participate with your schools or by leaving us comments.

How Parents Can Get Involved:

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

             It is with great pleasure that I write to you to share a very special project that our students have been engaged in.  We have been learning more about our own school community (part of the Full-Day Early Learning-Kindergarten program document expectations)  by taking nature walks, photographing what we can see outdoors, and writing about our observations.  This has been extended to sharing our photographs and observations online through our class blog and Ms. Babalis’ Twitter page.  There, we found other educators and students in Kindergarten and Grade One who wish to share about their school communities.  

             The question we are focusing on is: How can we be connected to other students and learn about their school communities from around the city, province, country and world?  We have made a separate blog for our sharing: Please consider joining in on our learning adventure by sharing your photos, observations, and writing on this online blog.  The photos can consist of, but are not limited to, what you can see outside your home's window, in your backyard, and around your neighbourhood.  

             If you are interested you can write me a note and I can help upload your photos, otherwise, please feel free to engage with us online by making comments, compliments, questions or connections directly onto the blog.  This can be done anonymously or by recording your child’s initials.  (e.g., for Joanne Babalis write-J.B.’s family.)

            We appreciate your participation and thank you advance!

Ms. Babalis and Mrs. Ham
Bond Lake P.S., Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Thank you to everyone for embarking on this exciting journey with us!

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