Curious About Colours

Monday, November 26, 2012

Our class (with the support of our art teacher Mrs. Janes and our ECE student Ms. Kerr) has been exploring a variety of colour experiments and would love to connect with any other schools/programs who have done the same.  If you are interested in exchanging documentation we would love to collaborate with you!  

Please post a comment below and we can go from there...


  1. we`ve experimented with colour and paint at the art table and would love to share.

  2. That would amazing Maureen!!

    If you email me photos, work samples, or student dialogue, then I can put it on my blog to share with our students, their families, and other blog visitors.

    I appreciate your speedy response!!

    You are amazing!!

  3. Hi Joanne,

    You can check out our colour work on our class blog. Just navigate to Sept 2012.

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      Your blog is one that I have never seen before and I am so excited about discovering!

      You are doing really great work and I absolutely love your title!

      I am going to show my students tomorrow, as we will have many connections, especially with the dot project.

      For those following our blog here is the link for one of their colour experiments that takes you directly to the post:

      Thanks for the comment! If you have any more experiments could you post some of your documentation?

    2. They are constantly experimenting....I'll post some more pics soon. Would live to show them your experiments to keep them engaged.

  4. Hi Joanne
    We have had a colour investigation ongoing since September. Right now it is somewhat inactive and would love a new spark to push thinking forward again. Your photo of curious about colours really intrigues me.
    Heather (Team Jellybean)

  5. Thanks Heather!!

    I will post a little bit more about our colour inquiry and maybe you can show it to your students to possibly spark some discussion or next steps!!

  6. We mixed colors and made paint chips. I asked the children what the color reminded them of or where they saw that color to help them come up with names for the colors. They loved it. The names were wild, kinda like OPI colors: silver "water bottle" "pumpkin orange, etc.

  7. Wow Ms. Erin that sounds amazing!!! I would like to try that too and share our results with you!!

    There was a book you might want to read to them. It uses paint chips and has really neat names for each shade:

    Pantone Colors Board Book

    We loved this book!