Never underestimate children and their ability to use technology!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On Monday a student in our class (L.N.) asked me if she could bring in her iPod from home to show her friends.  I said that we'd be happy to have her share it during our morning meeting.

When she first held it up, the screen was off and I thought that she wanted to share the actual iPod Touch device.  Then she quickly unlocked the screen to show us what's photographed below and said:

L.N.: I thought about school and I have my own iPod and I found Kandinsky and I put it as my background.

We were so pleased that L.N. made a connection to the artist we learned about during The Dot Project.

L.N. later used her iPod Touch during Thinking and Learning time to share songs, games, and photos with her friends.  In addition to this, she pretended it was a phone during her dramatic play.  

I was thoroughly impressed with how quickly and naturally L.N. used her iPod Touch. What especially stood out for me was her ability to take photographs, videos, and change her background photos.  

This made me wonder are any other educators using iPods in their Kindergarten classrooms?  We have been using the SmartBoard, Smart Document Camera, Computer, Laptop, Digital Cameras, and iPads.  I appreciated the size of the iPod Touch L.N. shared, and told her that I would be blogging about it tonight.

Thanks L.N. for making such great connections to our learning, even outside of the classroom!  I hope that you see this post and can leave us a comment.


  1. Thanks for sharing this little glimps into the transfer of classroom learning to home. I just got 3 Ipods for our room. I need to get using them to see what we learn and discover.

  2. No problem!

    I would really like to find some for our classroom too. That fit right in the children's hands and are so user friendly, especially for photography.

    I'm sure if I ask around, there are probably many Apple users who switched to the iPhone and no longer use their iPod Touch. It's worth a try!

  3. I agree. In fact, I would argue that some have the logic capability to start computer programming :). There are some great visual programming like turtle.

  4. Thank you! I will take a look at that program.

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