Happy 1 & 1/2 year anniversary!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Today, marks the year and a half anniversary of our blog.

So how are we celebrating, you might ask?

With the launch of a new interactive blog book study:

Learning to Create a Landscape of Wonder
A Place for Wonder Book Study (Heard & McDonough, 2009)

Please consider joining us, 
as we read this 

Find out more about it, including the reading schedule on the blog.  You may participate in the professional dialogue at any time.  All are welcome!


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    This is a nice way to celebrate: helping everyone uncover new learning through sharing in our PLN. I am in!

    1. Wonderful! We are so looking forward to you joining us!!! Our school team that is participating has about seventeen members.

  2. Happy Anniversary and kudos to the great success of your blog. It reaches many inspired educators and keeps us connected, engaged, motivated and learning. Keep doing what you are doing - the outreach is contagious.

    The book study is a brilliant idea....I am in!!

    1. Marlina thank you so much!

      It was so wonderful seeing you at BSS this Thursday evening. You're right about this work keeping us all connected no matter what context we come from. We are united by our shared goal to improve the learning of the children that we are so fortunate to learn from each day!

      Glad you will join us with the book study!! Looking forward to the rich dialogue!

  3. Happy anniversary Joanne!

    Such a great idea to create an online PLN to gather educators from various areas and spaces together for rich discussions!

    Thank you for all your innovative ideas! You always inspire. I am in.


    1. Thanks Kim!

      This idea came out of discussions with some teachers from our school. We wanted to start facilitating a book study and thought it would be neat to have an online component, if and when teachers are unable to make our scheduled meetings. I also thought it would be nice to open the blog up to others outside of our school and invite them to participate in the learning. Let's share our thinking and inspire each other!

      Thank you for your kind feedback,


      P.S. Excited that you are participating!

  4. Joanne,
    You are an inspiration to teachers everywhere. The WONDERful positive impact you have had on children and their learning will resonate with them throughout their future school life. Marguerite

    1. Marguerite!!

      Thank you so much for visiting our blog and for leaving such a positive comment. You are very inspiring yourself.

      Love being your partner for "The Place for Wonder" book study.

      Great idea to make it an interactive blog! Thank you!