Art from our Hearts

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day 

to all of the beautiful and loving Mothers 

and especially to mine!

Today’s post is dedicated to our special 

Mothers and Mother’s Day gifts. 

Our students created some art from their hearts 

and I couldn’t help but photograph the stunning 

results before sending them home!

We decided to paint some Cherry Blossom 

Trees for our moms to celebrate the arrival of 

Spring.  This work was inspired by an idea 

that I saw on Pinterest:

Pin: Spring Cherry Tree Art tutorial ~ Perfect for a Mothers Day gift

Source: Blog Post-Spring Cherry Tree Tutorial

Our students used the image from Pinterest (enlarged on the Smart

Board) to create our version of these trees.  We did not follow the

tutorial, but will try the steps for our next trees soon!

Thank you to Tammy from the Blog:

Housing a Forest: Learn, Create, Experiment

Aren't they all so exquisite and 


 To try and connect with our learning about 

Spring, I recently visited High Park to see the 

Japanese Cherry Blossoms.  I will be sharing

 them with the students tomorrow and will 

document their theories about the beauty found 

within the natural world that surrounds us.  

These photographs will also act as the 

spark for our final inquiry: Butterflies, 

Blossoms, and Natural Beauty.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the 

mommies out there from my heart to 



  1. Hi Joanne
    Oh my goodness the paintings are so beautiful. You have such a innate understanding of inquiry, carefully selecting provocations that inspire students artistic interpretations of our natural environment. I too am always inspired by your thoughtfulness and connections to the beautiful world we live in, noticing the simplest detail such as a cherry blossom on a tree or a cloud in the big blue sky. Thank you for inspiring me and my students to search for the beauty in our world.
    Heather Jelley

    1. Hi Joanne,
      I have been following your blog this year as I transform my own classroom and ways of teaching and thinking. I am interested in inquiry based learning and have been dabbling in documentation and this approach. I am a kindergarten teacher in Kingston with a class of 27 in the FDELK program. I was wondering if you have visitors to your class? If so, I would love to visit your classroom, along with my E.C.E. ! I have visited Havergal and it is wonderfu! I would like to see how a regular school classroom works with this approach, given that we have different challenges. I look forward to hearing from you with your thoughts! Sincerely, Beth Wannamaker