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September 2013-June 2014

Please email me at with your completed survey or for more information.

I will finalize the group in the first week of September, so you are welcome to email me until the end of August. Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to accept all requests (even though I wish I could invite everyone during our face2face sessions!).  I have creatively problem-solved this though, so please be rest assured that we will follow a blended model (some of the learning will be delivered Face2Face and some online) to include everyone who is interested (near and far!) in some way.  This will occur digitally through the blog, Twitter, and using some version of an online chat/video conferencing whenever wifi is accessible during our sessions.  I am also thinking of other ways to connect us online throughout the month. 

More details to follow...  

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  1. Hi Joanne,
    I am absolutely in love with your blog, with your presentations and with your adaptation of Reggio in your classroom.

    I am working on incorporating best practices for Autism Education to be used within the Reggio Emilia environment.

    If you could please send an email so we can be connected I would appreciate that very much! Would love to chat with you on the phone when you have a spare moment. or on Skype at: kathleen.tehrani

    Much respect and admiration,
    ~Kathleen Tehrani,

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