"The baby is scared!" by H.W.

Monday, November 11, 2013

H.W.: Today I brought a baby and I really love it, so I play with it every day.  When I came to school I wanted to draw the baby, because it is so cute.  And then I asked E.Y., "do you want to draw my baby too?"  And she said, "sure!"  So we made a plan.

H.W.: My baby is holding  a wand from the
Fairies and Fantasy Project that we made with
Mrs. Janes.

E.Y.: She was the artist who paints stuff
on the walls.

Once upon a time, there was a bear scaring a baby.  And then the baby crawled as fast as she could, because she was really scared that she would be eaten by the bear.  And then she said, “I should run away from the big bad bear!”  And then she went to a house and then she crawled inside and then she found a mom.  And then she was safe.  The baby was happy. 

And happily ever after! 


-Transcribed by Ms. Babalis (All words/ideas are H.W.’s)


  1. Thanks for posting - to inspire a few more of my kiddos to draw and write more. I shared this blog post with my class yesterday and boy our drawings and writing has taking another big leap again. My kiddos are often more inspired by other students ideas than my ideas! (No kidding who wouldn't be....) Thanks again to Hana for sharing her drawings and her story with our class too.
    Kim Clark and the K class at MMPS room 127