Tiny teeth: A mini inquiry!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

S.N. was so excited to announce to the class that she lost her first tooth!

As I listened to her story and heard the excitement in her voice, I knew that she would appreciate having this moment documented.  I photographed her mouth with the missing tooth, transcribed her thoughts, and collected work samples of her ideas.

Then another student came up to me.  This time it was E.A. and she showed me all of her missing teeth!

E.A.: First when my tooth falled out I went to the library and ate an apple and my tooth falled out.  Points to the four teeth that fell out. When I came from the park my tooth fell out!  My sister found my tooth on the ground!

Ms. Babalis: Why do children loose their teeth?

E.A.: Because they want bigger teeth to eat more food.  

E.A.: I wonder how the tooth fairy flies?

Ms. Babalis: Why do children loose their teeth?

S.N.: So then the tooth fairy could come and then she takes the tooth and she will leave money back for you.  When you get the money you could buy a toy with it.  The tooth fairy tries not to wake you up so then she could take your tooth.  She will only come when you fall asleep.

D.J.: If you don't get your tooth out, you have to get a scarf for winter to wear it.  When you are wiggling it so hard with your tongue and you can put it under a pillow.  Sometimes when it falls out it bleeds.

Then, almost magically, S.N. pulled out a five dollar bill from her pocket that the tooth fairy had left her!

I encouraged her to draw and write about this experience, and what she might do with the five dollars.

D.J. also drew a picture of a girl with money.  She said, "The girl got so excited, because she got her money!"

Of course after this deep dialogue we were left with many more wonders than be started with. 

H.W.: Why the tooth fairy picks up your tooth?  I wonder where the tooth fairy takes the teeth.  I think she throws the teeth down and in the garden.

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  1. Hi, I've been reading your blog for a while now. The inquiry-based learning/teaching style you have adapted is very much like how I teach Nursery (Kindergarden) in Scotland. I'm curious though - when you're spending 1-1 time with a child to scribe what they're saying, and to follow their learning and guide them, what are you're other pupils doing? How do you find the time to spend with all of your pupils in such an individual way?? Time is valuable and I just seem to run out of it all of the time and can't seem to be able to spend quality time with all of my pupils.