A world full of materials!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The world is filled with materials, and I have already started to introduce them to my five month old son.  Each day he discovers new objects, colours, books, and makes it quite clear what interests him.  When I was invited back to Louise Kool & Galt, a company that specializes in early childhood furniture and materials, I thought that it would be a great chance for us to explore!  While I was there, we also planned one of our upcoming #CTInquiry sessions that will be held within their board room.

The next two #CTInquiry sessions will occur over the summer months.  They will be a little less traditional than most of our meetings.  In July we will be gathering at a community centre art room with Crayola for a Summer Social and in August a planning collaborative get-together at the Louise Kool & Galt showroom.

On Monday Baby S, Baby A, my friend Marlena, and I visited the inspiring showroom space and were once again impressed by all of the open-ended possibilities!  It was so nice to see Cathy Elliott and Sonia Polak again, as well as meet their president, Jim Robb.

We can hardly wait for these hands-on and creative #CTInquiry summer opportunities!  Information will be posted in the first week of July.  Both sessions will be capped at 30 participants and those who wish to attend will be required to RSVP.

Here is a peek into our visit:

For those of you who aren't on Snapchat, here is the behind-the-scenes story that I created and posted on YouTube:

You may also be interested in visiting my previous post from another time when I partnered with Louise Kool & Galt:

Perhaps you might like to get a head start in designing your learning environment for September.  I am sure that your children will be all smiles!  My son already was!  

Be sure to visit the website to get more information about their quality materials! 

To a young child, the world is full of materials 

to touch, discover, and explore.

To find, collect, sort, and use materials is to 

embark on a special kind of adventure.

                                                                                 -Topal and Gandini 
                                                                                taken from Beautiful Stuff! 

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