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Saturday, June 4, 2016

I began blogging while teaching at a school called Bond Lake P.S. in the York Region District School board.  It was located in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  The beautiful painting above is a section from a larger masterpiece that was created for me on my birthday.  I call it "sunshine," as it continues to light up my world when I see it hanging in my office studio space !  The kindergarten students did a beautiful job blending the crayola water colours together.  Wouldn't you all agree?

My years at this special place have had a lasting impact on my work with young children.  It was the beginning of my Reggio-inspired transformation and professional learning journey. During my years in a homeroom classroom I built strong relationships with my students and their families.  So much so, that many of them still email me to this day to see how my sweet baby boy is doing!

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of welcoming one family in particular to my TransformEd Creative Studio.  My son loved our time together, and so did my dog Ruby!

Below you will see the provocation that I setup for them to explore. It was influenced by my travels to Reggio Emilia Italy. When this experience had been setup during my recent study tour, I believe that it was meant to provoke curiosity into living things and how they decompose.  Therefore, some of these fruits and vegetables would have been left out over several days to see the changes in colour, shape, smell, texture, etc.  

Please note that I washed and later used this food in my own cooking, so that I wouldn't be wasteful!

Special thank you to the Augustin family for visiting us, and allowing me to blog about our time together!  I truly appreciate that Ava (my former student), her sister Allison, and her mom Mrs. Keisha Augustin have stayed in touch with me!  

In the near future I will be interviewing Ava about the portfolio we co-created over her two years in our class, her overall experience in Kindergarten, and her recent accomplishments as a young actress.  Ava I am so proud of you, and can hardly believe you are going into Grade 3!

Thank you also to the inspiring Italian educators who always remind me the importance of family involvement, and slowing down to build meaningful relationships.

The love of a family

makes life beautiful.

                                                                                 -Unknown author

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