An invitation to learn from and with me...

Photo captured during the 
Great Beginnings Conference 
that I instructed last week, where  
educators were given multiple 
hands on and minds on 
learning opportunities. 

Consider this an invitation 
to begin a journey through 
York University's Kindergarten AQ courses 
that I will be facilitating!

Today, I received some more information that I will be instructing the Kindergarten AQ courses throughout the whole school year.

  • Fall (September-December) Kindergarten Part 1
  • Winter (December to March) Kindergarten Part 2
  • Spring (April-June) Kindergarten Part 1 and Kindergarten Specialist as a combined class *Specialist students will have leadership opportunities throughout the course by supporting some of the learning of the Part 1 students
  • Summer (July or August) TBD (possibly an online and Face2Face option)

For those of you who are interested, we have increased the number of spots to support more teachers this Fall.  There may be a few left before we reach our capacity...

To sign up click on: Kindergarten AQ

Please note, that the courses will take place at my school (Bond Lake P.S. - Richmond Hill) where there will be weekly classroom visits for all participants.  

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