Open House 2013 Resources

Hello Open House 2013 Participants,

We hope that this blog post finds you well!  We tried to send this as an email to each participant who attended our Open House on June 6th, however, many emails bounced back due to the size of the attachments and email addresses that were difficult to decipher.  We have instead chosen to post the attachments here for you to download.  They will also be made available on the "Resources" page.

How can we begin to thank you for attending our Open House event in June?  Quite honestly, it took us some time to process the number of people that were at Bond Lake P.S. that evening...  It was truly a celebration of early learning from across the province! THANK YOU from our hearts for being there.  We will never forget your support, encouragement, and the distance that many of you had to travel in order to reach us.  

Thank you also for your patience and understanding during our longer than expected wait times...  Never in our WILDEST dreams did we EVER think that more than two-hundered educators would walk through our front doors...  How powerful and motivating!  This is an exciting time for Early Childhood Education and Full-Day Early Learning-Kindergarten in Ontario!

Wherever you are, and whatever your role might be, we wish you all the best of luck, as you continue on with your learning journeys this Fall.  

We have attached a few resources that we thought you might find helpful: 

Please note that all of these files are starting points that you might wish to consider.  They are by no means the right way, or the only way to do things in FDK.  Instead, they are one way that worked for us last year within our own context.  Julie and I have already started to discuss making changes and improvements for this coming September. We are continuing to evolve and transform our teaching practices. In addition, we will also need to see who our learners are and further reflect upon our planning and documentation methods.  We hope that these files inspire you to think about your context and appreciate that you understand they are not a formula or recipe to be copied.

  • Second Open House 2013 Resources post (You're on it!)
  • Week-at-a-Glance Planning (See below-Inspired by a teacher who attended one of my conference presentations-wish I had her name to give her credit!) (This is separate from our long range plans, detailed day plans, weekly reminders, and mini lesson planning)
  • Timetable (See below-This will change in September as the preps are at different times.) 
  • Open House Pamphlets (See above-We apologize that we ran out of pamphlets on that evening.  I took a photo of the last pamphlet, as the file was created on my school computer.)

Again all the best and thank you for making June 6th, 2013 an event that will stay in our memories for years to come! 

Please stay in touch and share with us your successes via the blog comment section, Twitter, or Instagram.  

Sincerely yours,

Joanne Babalis and Julie Ham

P.S. I am not sure if the York University Kindergarten AQ course is full yet, however, if you are interested, I will be teaching Part 1 this Fall.

Sample of a FDK Teacher Time Table 2012-2013

Sample of Week at a Glance Planning Sheet 2012-2013
(Inspired by an educator who attended one of my conference presentations.  I wish I knew her name so that I could give her credit.  This was re-created to support the planning in our own context.)

Happy August to all!  

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  1. Hi Joanne,
    Thanks for sharing these resources! I so wish I lived closer so that I could actually come to one of your open houses one day!
    I was wondering if there is a possibility of you sharing a completed "week at a glance" planning sheet.
    I am also curious about what goes under "Thinking and Constructing" and "Technology Challenges"
    Thank you again for being so open with sharing your practice. I find your blog to be very inspiring!

  2. Hello Joanne! I was wondering if you could possibly share your 'week at a glance' template, as well as your documentation template. I am a new teacher beginning my first LTO in Kindergarten!