Design 101: Trips and Tips the Debut Issue!

Have you ever gone shopping for your classroom, child care centre, or home play area, and wondered what to buy?  During my "Design 101 Trips," I offer educators, parents, and those interested in working with young children some tips on what to purchase.  My goal is to always find materials that will warm up any environment and intrigue the students with endless possibilities for learning!  The Debut issue explores the always inspiring Ikea.

Thank you to Marisa Benakis 
for accompanying me on this 
first design adventure!

This Design 101: Trips and Tips Debut Issue 
can also be viewed here.

I invite you to leave a comment about other items that you have used from Ikea, or what this issue inspired you to think about! 

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  1. What a cute way to display your shopping! Love all the natural materials - spend your money wisely!