The "Dot" Project

Saturday, September 8, 2012

How many ways can we create dots?

The students in room 127 read the book "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds, to help prepare for International Dot Day on September 15th, 2012.  The excitement of this event has inspired an entire "Dot" Project.  We are going to try to investigate how may ways that we can create dots as artists.

We learned about an art technique called "pointillism."  Then, our art teacher came to create dots with us using model magic.  We experimented with the three primary colours and created a colour wheel made up of dots.  Ms. Babalis documented the experience. 

Mrs. Janes: We're rolling it and we're squishing it.  I love all these words!  

Squish it flat like a penny!

Roll it, roll it, roll it...
Squish it, squish it, squish it...
Stick it...stick it...stick it...

Mrs. Janes: What might happen if we mix red and yellow model magic?

L.N.: I think it's orange because it's making the colour!

The children continued to mix various colours together by pulling the model magic apart and then squishing it back together.

J.A.: Mine is starting to make green!

Z.L.: Look I'm making purple!

Mrs. Janes: It's pure magic!

H.W. squishes all the colours together and says, "I'm making a rainbow!"

M.Y. discovered when you mix all the colours together you make brown.

D.B. decided that he would extend this activity and use his dots and model magic to create a spinner.

D.B.: I made a beyblade.

He connected his learning from the "Spinner and Movement Inquiry."  We were so pleased with this along with the connections students were making with creating dots at the math problem solving area.

Here are some of the dots that they created with our math manipulatives:

I sincerely can't wait to see how many more creative ways our students come up with next week and look forward to celebrating International Dot Day!

Our friends at Acorn School are also working on a similar "Dot" project.  Follow them on Pinterest or Facebook!

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