On Display: Fall Provocations created by Kim Briand

Friday, September 27, 2013

Today I am very pleased to feature one of my Kindergarten AQ students who was brave enough to share some of her Fall provocations on the blog!

Kim Briand is a Kindergarten teacher from Lady Eaton Elementary School in Omemmee Ontario.  Talk about a dedicated educator, to drive so far and learn in Richmond Hill!  

She writes,

"I am thrilled to share some of our initial Kindergarten provocations with you.  Our students have been very interested in our outdoor learning environment, which has inspired our first learning inquiries.  Joanne's course is an inspiration to me as a FDK teacher!"

I look forward to sharing these invitations for learning with our Kindergarten AQ Course on Tuesday. I have created an assignment about provocations, where teachers/D.E.C.E.'s will think of something that might spark their students' interest, set it up for them, and document the learning that occurs from within their classroom.  With permission from the K AQ teachers and D.E.C.E.'s, I plan to share more with you!

I will also be sharing our special September learning moments from room 127 at Bond Lake Public School.  Mrs. Ham and I have been so pleased with how our learning environment has provoked positive interactions and learning amongst our students.  Parents and blog followers, please stay tuned!

Would you like to offer Kim Briand some compliments, connections, or questions?


  1. In the first picture, with the book titled Fall, what do you have in the containers?

  2. In the big white tray is a toad habitat. In the wooden tea box are treasures from the outdoors.

  3. I love every thing. The children look so engaged. Great job. Happy Fall. Can't wait to see what you'll post next. Helga

  4. Thanks for sharing, what great ideas!