On Display: Maureen Cicinelli's Classroom Design

I become really excited when educators send me photographs of their classroom transformations!  There is something about classroom design and considering the environment as third teacher that truly intrigues me.  Maybe in another life I was an interior designer...

Today, Maureen Cicinelli from the York Catholic District School Board has kindly shared her thought-provoking spaces of learning with our blog.  Maureen is a Full-Day Kindergarten teacher at St. Cecilia Catholic Elementary School in Maple, Ontario.  She also coincidentally happened to be my dear friend Marisa Benakis' mentor.  Maureen shared with me that her relationship with Marisa helped her to realize her own potential as the educator that she always wanted to be.  How beautiful is that?  Now, both Maureen and Marisa are involved in a Ministry Research Project together about pedagogical documentation.

I look forward to hearing more about their journey and sharing it with all of you!

Without further ado, here is Maureen's FDK classroom:

Quite honestly, I am in complete awe with how much time and careful thought Maureen has put into her inspiring classroom environment.  I sincerely wish that I could be a student in her classroom...  How lucky they all are!

Thank you from my heart for your willingness to share. 

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  1. Maureen is an amazing teacher, so happy to see her classroom shared on your blog Joanne! Congratulations Maureen- you are so inspiring!

  2. Such a rich, inviting space! I look forward to the new document in the works, as well. Congratulations on such a fulfilling professional relationship. It is a gift to work with people who inspire you everyday. I know, because I am that lucky too.

  3. What a beautiful classroom. Each area looks so inviting and has such learning potential! Nice work.

  4. Maureen was my mentor last year, not only was her classroom a perfect example of the environment being the third teacher, her attitude toward teaching Kindergarten was so inspiring. Such an amazing experience.