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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Can you believe that we are already into the last week of September?  Fall is officially here and I am excited to announce that on the blog there will be many discounts and giveaways each day leading up to October.  I will be highlighting several back to school resources/materials and some fun fashion items too!

Have you ever heard of Early Literature?  I hadn't either until a beautiful box of books arrived at my doorstep!  Baby S couldn't wait to see what was inside, and he explored each title carefully! We are very fond of reading in our house.  Someone once told me that if children are surrounded by print material, that the research has shown an increase in their quest to lifelong learning.  In other words, the more books they are exposed to, the higher the chances and years that they will be in school. Interesting, don't you think?  I would love to find out more on this study...

In any event, we love to read!  Each day after our breakfast and songs, S and I go through about three books together.  I was amazed to see him begin reading on his own initiative within his crib and play pen the other day...  On a weekly basis we try to visit the public library or a bookstore of some kind.  I know that when I get busier with my full-time work, that this may become a little bit more challenging for us.  Therefore, I am almost certain that I will rely on online websites and book providers to help me out!

Early Literature is a book subscription by month.  The company selects high quality books on your behalf and sends them right to your doorstep or classroom!  It truly is an effortless way to grow your own personal or school library.

What I like about the books is that they have been hand-picked by a book specialist and that they are very current.  All of the titles in my gifted box were published in 2016!  As a classroom educator, when I am busy planning the learning environment and being responsive to students interests and needs, it's always helpful to have new books arrive to spark some rich discussions!   Subscribing means that I can remain up-to-date with what is becoming available, with regards to early literature, and perhaps what I might have missed with my busy day to day tasks.  

In addition, every monthly subscription comes with ideas to extend the learning of each book that is included.  It contains a book summary, learning activity suggestions, and a materials list. Of course your students/children will lead the direction of learning, but it is definitely a place that you might like to begin!

Finally, they are packaged so professionally in rectangular reusable boxes.  When you finish reading each month's theme, you can stack them away neatly into your cupboards!

Early Literature has kindly offered us a special giveaway of their "September Back to School" box.  If you enter you will get the chance to receive four free books (the same as the images in this blog post).  The first 25 blog followers to purchase a box also get a $10.00 discount with the code TransformEd16.  Since they already have a $5.00 off deal this month, that's a total savings of $15.00 off your first box!!!

How can you win?

  • follow me @joannebabalis on instagram
  • follow Early Literature on instgram
  • leave a comment below (with your name and email address clearly stated) highlighting a favourite reading memory of your own, your students, or your family members that will either inspire or warm someone's heart when they see it
  • for extra chances tag your friends on my instagram post

One lucky contestant will be selected by Early Literature and mailed their very own box!  The contest closes on October 1st.  I will also announce the winner on this blog post (at the bottom) within the comment section.

Good luck!

Partners and photoshoot details:

Photographer - @my_secret_photography

Location - My baby's "young artist dream" nursery

Thank you Jasmine Ansah-Mensah for finding my blog and for your kindness.  Baby S and I have been really loving your books!!!

Thank you also to the photographer, Alessandra Caparelli that I collaborated with to bring this blog post to life: @my_secret_photography.  Without her help, I wouldn't have been in any of the images with my little boy!  I will treasure them for years to come, as I know in a few short months our special time together (during the work day) will come to an end... Alessandra photographs many children and families from the point where they are expecting, to newborn images, birthday celebrations, and portraits for special occasions.  My whole family loved her, including my dog Ruby!  Her sweet and bubbly personality will have everyone smiling and laughing throughout the experience! 

Please stay tuned for a full week of blogging ahead! I am challenging myself to write each day.  Do you think that I can do it?  I promise to try my best!!!  This Fall my personal goal is to blog at least twice per week, if not every other day like when I first started back in 2011.  If I can do this until the end of my maternity leave, then perhaps you can forgive me when my full-time teaching resumes and I become busier!

Happy last week of September!  Remember to slow down and enjoy all the miraculous changes found in nature.  

You can find magic

wherever you look.

Sit back and relax,

all you need is a book.

                                                                                                      -Dr. Seuss


  1. Hi Joanne :) Sarah Geer: geer.sarah2@gmail.com
    I always remember my grade two teacher reading stories aloud to us and I loved it. I remember James and the Giant Peach and Jacob Two Two and the Hooded Fang. LOL. They were fun adventures and mysterious. I was hooked! Love the pics! I'm going to look into early literature right now!!

  2. Hi! Clarissa- book.nerd.mommy@gmail.com. Some of my favorite memories of reading were reading chapter books aloud with my mother as a child. My favorite was The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. I think it was the first book to truly change me and leave a lasting impression on my heart.

  3. Hi! Eniko Gyorgy. enikogy@hotmail.com. I just love doing read aloud with my class because no matter what grade I have had they're always engaged and they just love listening to stories. Plus it gives me a chance to act and be silly and take on different characters.

  4. Hello! Charnaie - hereweeread@gmail.com: My favorite memories are reading to my daughter and son for the very first time in the hospital shortly after giving birth. I love reading stories aloud with them daily.

  5. Hi I had thought I'd commented already but I must've not po pressed ok! Oops!

    While working as an RECE in a senior toddler room, I made a tree from paper mache and read "picture a tree" by Barbara Reid. The children then hung different items on the tree to make their own. We also had some clay and a table with leaves and sticks and a tree craft at anoyhet, where the children could stick or paint different textiles into paper towel roll trees. Outside we collected leaves into a pool and jumped into it. Fall days like that are amazing.

  6. Hello! alana.c.ladd@gmail.com

    My mother and her dear friend were both Early Childhood Educators. When I was 6, one of my favourite books was "Caps for Sale". My mom's friend (who also happened to be the teacher librarian at our school) used her puppet stage and extraordinary puppets to retell this story to myself and all of the children in our neighbourhood. To this day, I still find it magical when I think back to how she brought one of my favourite books to life in such an engaging way. When I share stories with the children in my preschool class, I try to capture that "magical feeling" of bringing books to life and making them meaningful. I know I will never top the experience I had as a young child, but plan to never stop trying as I know experiences like the one I had create book lovers for life!

  7. One of my favourite childhood books was a Danish alphabet book with beautiful, Tim Burton-esque, illustrations. I could happily read it's rhyming, humorous text over and over again!

    Now, as a Kindergarten teacher who loves to travel, I like to bring back a children's book from the countries I visit to share with my students. Whether the book has information about the country, or is written in another language, I would love to try to have a book collection that is as varied, and unique as all of the children in my class <3

  8. Nadia Bucci nadia.bucci.petkop@gmail.com

    Reading,the love for stories and story telling was part of my life at an early age. My mother was an elementary school teacher and saw the value in reading.

    Every evening before bed she would read to my sister and I. Amoung our favourite stories were those by Robert Munsch, in particular "The Paper Bag Princess". When she would read, my mother would animate her voice and make the story come to life. She would do more than just read, she would engage us on conversations and dialogue about what we were reading. In "The Paper Bag Princess" she would have us question why the roles were reveresed and why Princess Elizabeth went to save Prince Ronald instead of the princess needing to be saved. At the end Princess Elizabeth left Prince Robald and my mother would ask us what we would do.

    My love for reading and the print book has been transfered into my career now as a Kindergarten Teacher and new mom. I always seek to find books that not only entertain but also those that hold value, seek to have us question and those that inspire.

  9. Thank you to everyone who entered this contest.

    @earlyliterature has selected two lucky winners rather than just one: Mrs. G - hereweread@gmail.com and Kristina.Clayton. In order to get your free box you will require an account on their web page. Information such as your email address, name, and mailing address will be asked of you.

    Congrats again!!!