Growing Up: My Junior High and High School Days (Part 3)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

One day you wake up and suddenly realize that you are all grown up with loads of responsibilities...  Makes me look back and wonder why I wished time away by dreaming of the days when I would be "older."  Rather than live in the present moment, I could hardly wait to learn to drive, have a job, husband, home, and family.  Please don't get me wrong, I am happy with how my life turned out, however, it just seems to have unfolded a little faster than I had expected!  In many respects my High School days seem like yesterday, and then in others like an entire lifetime ago...

After learning at Timberbank Public School, my educational story continued when they accepted me into the Extended French program at J.B. Tyrrell.  There, I attended Junior High School for two years and began to learn about balancing my studies with my after school commitments.  I was super busy during my elementary years.  My evenings were filled up with everything from piano lessons, Greek dancing, ballet/jazz, choirs, Greek school, Sunday School, rhythmics gymnastics, and even karate!  

When I graduated Grade 8, I attended Agincourt Collegiate Institute to continue my French studies. My family later moved to Richmond Hill, and I ended my High School years at Langstaff Secondary School within the York Region District School Board.  My class was the last one with Grade 13, however, I had enough credits to fast track and started university a year early with a full scholarship.

I can honestly say that many of the character traits from as early as Junior High have stayed with me well into adulthood. Some years as a teenager were more difficult than others, but every experience taught me a meaningful lesson that I have carried with me.  I look back upon that emotional/impressionable time and am so thankful for the challenges, as they shaped me into the person that I am today.  Nothing meaningful in life ever comes easy, and I now believe that hidden behind every storm there will always await a rainbow.

Here are some photos outside of J.B. Tyrrell Junior High School:

Here are some photos outside of Agincourt Collegiate (ACI):

Here are some photos outside my parent's home/Langstaff Secondary School (LSS):

Thank you for reading my blog post.  I had a lot of fun revisiting my Junior High/High School days and planning my outfits!

Outfit/photoshoot details:

Look 1: 

Dress - @Londontimesfashion Isla (L2245M)

Shoes - @converse

Earrings - @KateSpadeNY

Bracelets - @Alexandani

Backpack and hairband - @aldo_shoes

Photographer - @loveoverlenses

Styling and details - @joannebabalis

Look 2:

Dress - @Londontimesfashion Halle (L1856M)

Shoes, earrings, and mini notebook - @KateSpadeNY

Bracelets - All purchased in Greece at various shops

Purse - @coach

Book bag - @juicycouture 

Pen - @papyrus

Photographer - @loveoverlenses

Styling and details - @joannebabalis

Look 3:

Dress - @Londontimesfashion Harper (L1974M)

Cross the body bag, earrings, shoes, and iPad case - @KateSpadeNY

Bag - @longchamp

Ring - gift 

Pencil case - @chaptersindigo

Photographer - @loveoverlenses

Styling and details - @joannebabalis

* * * * *

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Otherwise here are some additional pages that might be of interest to you:

Special thank you goes out to @loveoverlenses for her attention to detail in carefully and creatively capturing each image.  I loved her collaborative nature and willingness to travel back in time with me!  She now photographs other blogger-shoots if you are ever looking to team up contact her here.

Stay tuned for more fun back to school posts throughout this coming week and leading up to October!!!

High school changes people.

Some for the better, 

some for the worst.

But if one thing is true;

you find out who your real friends are.

                                                                                            -Teenager posts


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