#yorkukaq combined 1-2-3 course in exactly a week!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

In one week exactly I will begin instructing the York University Kindergarten combined course, and I simply cannot wait.

You should all know that there has been a small update that might make a huge difference in some of your learning!!!  Since I have been approached by several educators about when I will be instructing part 2, we have decided to add it.

I have successfully instructed a fully combined course (for teachers and DECE's) that is supportive to all learning interests and needs.  Please know that I will work hard to differentiate your learning experience!

The reason for this change, is that with my new family life I cannot look too far into the future and commit to the next session.  I therefore, felt badly to have participants wait a whole year!!!

Our numbers are fairly high, which means that most likely Trista Dutt (@kindiekorner) will be co-facilitating with me again!  I believe we have about five spaces left and the registration closes on Friday.  If, however, you are interested and see this over the week-end - send me an email! We have had students join us on the day class begins! Hopefully we can make it all work!

Some details to help with your decision:
  • We begin Tuesday, September 27th in person 
  • Location - Guardian of the Angels Catholic Elementary School (Weston and Major Mackenzie - 400 exit on Maj. Mack)
  • Thursday night will be to help participants connect online using Twitter
  • The following week and remainder of the course we will only meet Tuesdays online (specific time is chosen with your PLC group for a one hour chat) (readings are done at a flexible time throughout the week before your chat) and Thursdays in person from 5:00-8:30 p.m.
  • If you have a curriculum night or school event Thursday, please don't worry!  That
    will take priority.  If you need to miss more than one evening there will be a make-up assignment for the hours lost.
  • Assignments are practical, manageable, and flexible.  There will be many options to choose from whether you are in a classroom or not!
  • We have inspiring guest speakers and school visits as field trips.
  • This course is for teachers and DECE's.  
  • You will only get credit for the part that you are registered for (e.g., Part 1).
  • Together we will be navigating through the new Kindergarten Program document (2016)
  • More info. and descriptions can be located on my first blog post announcement (here) or the York university faculty of education website

Here are some (there are many!) of my favourite former kindergarten AQ session memories/moments:

You can find many more at #yorkukaq through Twitter and Instagram.

See you in a week!


Joanne Marie Babalis

The capacity to learn is a gift;

the ability to learn is a skill;

the willingness to learn is a choice.

                                                                                                  -Brian Herbert

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