Expressions of Gratitude

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thank you!  

Sincere thanks to everyone  at the conferences "National Reading Recovery & Early Literacy" and "Co-Constructing Contexts for Meaningful Engagement," that I had the opportunity of presenting to, learning from, and interacting with over the last couple of days.

Please know that I plan to share both the knowledge I gained from the two conferences, as well as what I presented with all of you on the blog.  They are forthcoming on the next few Friday "On Display" features.

Special thanks to Rita Alati for including me in her presentation "Authentic Literacy Instruction," Shara-Lynn Fraser for being a wonderful co-presenter, Karyn Callaghan for inspiring the project that I presented about in my "Children's Treasures: Toys and Tinkering as Powerful Entries for Curriculum and Research" presentation, Dr. Pat Dickinson for her wonderful organization (and for ensuring I got my lunch!), Dr. Carol Anne Wien for mentioning our blog during her presentation, Dr. Sharon Speir and Dr. Jeffrey Wood for their suggested readings that complimented my presentation (even though I had trouble writing them down with all that was on my mind!), Laurel Fynes for her gift about "tinkering," Deb Sinyard-Marisa Benakis-Ellen Brown-Pam Bondett-and Sergio Pascucci for their always positive encouragement, and  of course our wonderful students and parents who sent in their special treasures to share at the conference.

Your kindness will always be remembered when I think back fondly to these two very exciting days...


  1. Joanne,

    Thank YOU for a wonderful presentation. I'm constantly impressed by the rich learning experiences you provide for your students. You're such an inspiration!

    Very best wishes always.


    1. Thank you!!

      I appreciate your positive feedback, especially because my head was spinning with all the new insights we learned prior to presenting and I was afraid I wasn't very coherent...

      Are you attending the session at Bishop Strachan with Lella Gandini this April? Maybe we can sit together and exchange some ideas.

      Please let me know and thank you again,