On Display: Pinterest, Planning, and Play-Based Learning

Have I ever told you how much I love Pinterest?

I started off "pinning" last year, but didn't really get into it until the summer.  To my surprise, it has changed my organizational skills (digitizing what I would have printed or recorded into a journal) and my planning!  

If you haven't been on Pinterest before, you are in for a real treat!  Visit my Pinterest page by clicking here: Joanne Babalis

Pinterest is a social media website and app with photographs about virtually anything. When you click on these photographs, they can take you directly to its original source.  For example if a photo was pinned from this blog, anyone interested in learning more about it would click on it and find us!

There are a few ways that you can use Pinterest.  The first way is to browse the site without getting an account.  The second is having an account and "pinning" photographs.  You can create your own boards by topic and refer back to them whenever necessary.  This is similar to saving your "favourites" on your internet browser or jotting down great ideas.  What I love most about Pinterest is that all of these "favourites" and great ideas are saved visually.  As a VERY and I mean EXTREMELY visual person (in case you haven't already noticed...)I really appreciate this way of organizing important topics.

Similar to Facebook, you are able to like someone's "pin," comment on it, and follow your friends or colleagues.  You also have the option of emailing pins or tweeting pins to colleagues or friends who do not have Pinterest.

Here are some specific ways that I use Pinterest:

  • Sharing blog posts on Pinterest
  • Browsing the internet for professional learning and planning ideas and pinning them for others to see
  • Sharing my own photography (photo documentation)
  • Organizing professional resources (books, articles, video clips)
  • Saving recipes 
  • Saving Play-based learning ideas
  • Saving Montessori-inspired ideas
  • Saving Reggio-inspired ideas
  • Saving Artistic Expression ideas
  • Saving Literacy learning ideas
  • Saving digital storybooks
  • Saving song and dance video clips
  • Planning inquiry-based lessons
  • Planning project-based lessons
  • Planning special events
  • Pinning inspirational quotes
  • Pinning design ideas for home and school
  • Pinning ideas for personal interests (photography, sketching, painting, etc.)
  • Sharing planning ideas with colleagues and parents
  • Building a professional learning network and inspiring each other by pinning back and forth

And the list could go on!!!

I would like to close off this Pinterest post, by sharing that I've never felt more organized with all my potential resources and ideas, as I do now.  I've also never felt more connected before!!!  I can access my Pinterest Boards on my iPhone, laptop, and iPad.  Everything is literally at the palm of my hands!!  

Are you using Pinterest?  If so, how?

Still not convinced?  Visit my Pinterest Page and see all the ways that have helped to keep me organized and inspired! 

Thank you to my Pinterest PLN for following me and intriguing me with all of your daily pins!

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  1. Hi Joanne
    I feel the same way as you do - ideas at the tips of my fingers all organized into areas that I set up.
    One way that I use Pinterest with my families at school - when they ask for the recipe or how-to on something I refer them to my boards. Nothing to print off and copy - so much easier and environmentally better.

    1. Great idea!!

      We are trying hard to be more environmentally friendly too!



  2. Hi Joanne
    I know you and I often 'like' each others discoveries on pinterest. I too love that it organizes in a way that I am not overwhelmed with tons of papers. I am a very visual learner and this lets me SEE first and tweeks my thinking, allowing me to then explore for more information. The only problem with pinterest is it can occupy a lot of time there is so much to see!
    Heather Jelley

    1. Yes we do often "like" the same things!! You have great taste...

      Truthfully, I can be on Pinterest for hours... I have to admit that I check it before I go to sleep and often see if there is anything new and exciting in the morning. It is also a great app to use when you are waiting for something (e.g., at a doctor's appointment, for your nails to dry, etc.).

      However, all this being said, I do get very overwhelmed at times! My brain goes on information overload and it begins to hurt with all the new ways to do things.

      Maybe we have to start timing our "Pinterest visits!"

  3. Although Pinterest has taken off and many brands have already established their presence, there are always improvements that could be made. In my opinion Pinterest would be even more valuable if it had analytics within it for brands to monitor in order to improve their boards and pins.

    1. Everything and everyone always have room for improvement!

      Could you please elaborate for us?


  4. Hi Joanne,

    I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree - Pinterest has allowed me to plan in a way that I couldn't before. By grouping snippets of blogs, ideas represented visually, I have completely reorganized my teaching ideas bookmarks into manageable boards. No longer do I have to remember where I saw that great post on introducing a class pet, or that light table idea, and so on. Instead, I take sparks that come up in class and go looking in specific areas on my Pinterest boards. Of course I often pin from you, too!
    The ultimate irony, however, is that Pinterest is blocked by the firewall at school. Most social content sites are not accessible via iPads using the guest wifi (e.g. blogs, facebook) So, while I use the site to co-plan with teachers at school, we can't access it while we meet there.

    1. Oh Laurel that's a shame!

      I hope that you get access to your social media sites soon!

      And I pin from you too!! Many times!!

      So lovely to meet you at the conference yesterday. Thank you for attending my presentation and for the lovely gifts for my students to "tinker" with!!


    2. It's a shame but also very funny. My favourite irony: I can't even access my own blog on the iPad at school.
      It was lovely to meet you too! I hope the poster sparks some interesting conversations. I have a duplicate and it does provoke comparisons and amazement.

  5. Wow, I love your boards. Just pinned lots of books I want to read from there! Thanks so much.

  6. This was a great nudge for me. I opened an account a while back and it's been sitting on the back burner. I've been pinning away and it's definitely addictive! I have to agree with Laurel. It's so much better than bookmarks.

    1. I'm glad!!

      I agree about the addictive quality of pinning...

      I am going to try to find and follow you!!

  7. Hmm, now I am intrigued too! I'm "kids connect" on Pinterest, in case you're back and looking for some Peel colleagues. Sergio, Joanne's boards are like the blog - a great source of inspiration.

    1. Thanks Laurel!

      Sergio is a very inspiring colleague to follow and try to connect with in your school board!

      On a different note, my students absolutely loved your gifts and have been tinkering ever since they opened them!! Thank you!!

  8. Oh good, I'm glad! I loved those simple mechanics as a kid and find them a great provocation. Physics are big in my classes this year, maybe next year will be the year of true tinkering! (A trip to the thrift store for old tools, clocks and machines in the near future).

    1. Wonderful idea!

      I would like to improve on how I incorporate simple machines and physics into my teaching and program. A goal for next year as well!

  9. Have you thought about adding the "Pin It" button to your blog? I am always wanting to pin ideas from your blog onto Pinterest and wishing it was easier. :) I have the pin app on my phone & laptop but when I am on a different computer/browser it is sometimes more difficult to pin. Now I am following you on Pinterest! You are so inspiring thank you for blogging!