Happy March Break!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe March Break!

Thank you for following our blog.  I am officially taking a break from the Blogsphere, Twitterverse, Pinterest, Instagram, and email this week.  

Here is a photo of where I do my blogging.
I am surrounded by many things
that inspire me, including the poem written
by Loris Malaguzzi "No way.  The hundred is
there" and the collaborative painting that our
special visitors contributed to during our
open house event last year.
I thank you for your continued comments and thoughtful questions. I promise to get back to your requests on March, 18th, 2013.

Please check back soon for more posts about our new Fairies and Fantasy Project, Projector Snow visual representations and responses, Children's Treasures: Toys and Tinkering as Powerful Entries for Curriculum and Research presentation, and our new audit trail entitled "Rabbit Road: The Journey through our Pet Rabbit Inquiry.


  1. I have just recently found your blog and am completely inspired! This is my first year in the FDK world and working with an Early Childhood Educator. Just prior to the break I began changing our classroom environment with the inspiration from your blogs and the children showed so much excitement that I am going to continue to research and make changes towards and inquiry based approach over the next few months. I will be introducing a class pet (fish) after the break as during our sign in last week we discovered that only a handful of the students have ever had a pet of their own. This hopefully will lead to lots of inquiries around animal life cycle, natural and man-made objects, art and story writing. We have also discovered that a big portion of the class loves to read and hear about dinosaurs so I am looking into setting up a dinosaur inquiry on the return to the classroom. Seeing how many of the students already know the names of several different dinosaurs, I'm thinking something along the lines of how fossils come to be made? Where did the dinosaurs live? And moving on to more global environmental issues to tie into our last inquiry of polar bears and global warming. Thanks again for all the inspirations through your blog and maybe I will be my own blog?!

  2. So I have jumped in with 2 feet and created my own blog page. I have thanked you in my first posting and would love for you to take a look at my journey beginnning....

  3. Hi Kim,

    I am just catching up on comments and emails from March Break.

    Thank you for visiting the blog! I am glad that you are feeling inspired! It makes all of this worthwhile for us...

    Your classroom sounds like a very exciting place to be! Pets are a great entry into inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, and problem-based learning.

    I appreciate your comment and how thoughtful you were with regards to articulating your plans.

    I am looking forward to following your journey on your new blog! Congratulations! You will love this new way to make your learning visible!