On Display: Bond Lake P.S.'s Wonder Journey

I am so pleased to display, share, and celebrate all of the wondering that has been taking place at Bond Lake P.S. this Spring!

The educators (K- Grade 4) who participated in our Book Study "A Place for Wonder" kindly allowed me to capture some photographs from their classrooms:

What do you see, think, or wonder?

Here is a video of our A Place for Wonder Book Study Journey:

Please leave any comments or questions below.  

If you are interested in joining in on the conversation you are welcome to visit our blog throughout the summer and add your own comments after reading the book:

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  1. I adore this clip Joanne. The world is full of wonder and our children are encapsulated by it! We have a talking and wondering bag that goes home with one of our children of an afternoon, and they spend time talking with their families about what they wonder about. Inside the bag is a river stone upon which they record one of their wonderings. This is the returned to school the following day so that we may share and discuss that child's wondering. I create a miniature playscape or interactive display relating to each child's wondering also. Some of these wonderings have been fantastic springboards for investigations and it has been a delightful way in which we have been able to record he voices of our students within our teaching and learning program. Thank you for the continuous inspiration...as long as we work with children may we never stop wondering :)