On Display: Instagram for Inquiry

Have you tried Instagram in your classroom?  We use this great app to capture the pivotal learning moments from our school day and share them during our inquiry meetings.  

Here's why we love it!

When you take a photo of inquiry work from your iPhone, you can improve its appearance by cropping it, giving it a border or frame, and enhancing the colour.  Then, within split seconds you can post the image with a title, quote, sentence, and hashtags.

Now if that still doesn't convince you, you can also share the photo on Twitter and Facebook.  In an instant you have uploaded an artistically edited photograph with your professional learning community.

All photos get saved together and when opening up your instagram page (which you can view from iPhone, iPad, and desktop) can be easily seen at-a-glance and selected.  Above, you will notice several pictures that our class took throughout the Spring.

During our inquiry meetings we select a photograph we wish to re-visit, reflect upon, and discuss by enlarging it.  Having a Smart Board really helps, as we can write some of our thoughts and wonders directly on or beside the image.

If you have never used Instagram before, give it a try!  It is quick, easy, and allows you to feel like a real photographer.

Follow us on Instagram at joannebabalis or by searching the hashtag #myclassroomtransformation for images specific to our inquiry work.

I would like to end of this post with what I have written in my Instagram profile:

Art surrounds us if we look closely.  It's present in flower arrangements, photography, culinary delights, architecture, & everyday moments.  Here's my art from the heart!

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  1. Great idea to connect the Instagrams pics with the Smartboard and the morning meeting!
    Thanks for the tip.
    Will start this summer.